Wholesale Vehicles – Find Find 10 Top Fuel Saving Cars 2009

The increase in fuel costs is everyone’s attention. Even though an individual does not have a car, they are still affected by the fluctuating oil industry market. This is why some people prefer to buy fuel-efficient cars because this not only saves money but also helps the environment. For car retailers who want to sell fuel-efficient cars, here is the top 10 list 2009 (without a certain order):

1. Ford Escape Hybrid (model 2009 -) miles per gallon (MPG) from this vehicle for the city / highway / combined is 34/31/32.
2. Mini Cooper (Model 2009) – MPG or City / Highway / Combined is 28/36/32.
3. Toyota Camry Hybrid (Model 2010) – MPG for the city / highway / combined is 33/34/34.
4. Nissan Altima Hybrid (Model 2009) – MPG for the city / highway / combined is 35/33/34.
5. Volkswagen Jetta TDI (Model 2009) – MPG for the city / highway / combined is 30/41/34.
6. Smart Fortwo (2009 model) – MPG for City / Highway / Combined is 33/41/36.
7. Ford Fusion Hybrid (Model 2010)  Houston TX Car Shippers MPG for the city / highway / combined is 41/36/39.
8. Honda Insight (2010 Mode) – MPG for the city / highway / combined is 40/43/41.
9. Honda Civic Hybrid – MPG for the city / highway / combined is 40/45/42.
10. Toyota Prius (Model 2010) – MPG for the city / highway / combined is 51/48/50.

Imagine a savings that someone can get if you have one of these cars. You can say that it’s expensive despite buying this top brand vehicle. Consider this – Your initial expenditure for this type of vehicle may be expensive but in the long run you might realize that the value has one more on the savings side. Why? Because it saves fuel which means you will save a lot of gasoline costs.

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