What happens in the credit repairs services

If your credit is showing a low credit score or any mistakes, then it will keep you away from obtaining new credit, and you will come in need of credit repair. Credit repair is a process performed by credit repair companies to clean up the credit report of their customers.

According to theislandnow credit repair companies can remove incorrect or negative marks from your credit reports. Once these negative marks are removed, customers can see a good improvement in their credit reports.

Is the process of credit repair services simple? By reading this article, let us look at the complete process of credit repair services.

Process starting

Usually, customers hire credit repair companies when they want to improve their credit reports and become eligible to get new credit.

  • Many people take help from credit repair companies when they wish to secure new credit, such as personal loans, home mortgages, and vehicle loans.
  • Once the people hire the credit repair company, the first thing done by the credit repair agency is to get the current copy of the customers’ credit report.
  • According to theislandnow, the companies make the look and determine if there are any mistakes or negative entries showing on their credit reports.
  • If they find any negative marks on your credit reports, then they fill the disputes and begin to negotiate the case with the credit agency or your creditor.

Fill disputes

Credit repair companies are looking for a charge, bankruptcies, and tax liens on the credit reports of customers.

  • If they find such items on your credit reports, then they will make a plan to remove the errors and mistakes and negotiate with your creditors to remove such mistakes or errors from your credit reports.
  • When disputes are reached with creditors, they schedule a 30-day investigation to determine whether the negative entry is accurate.
  • According to theislandnow, this is the stage when things become more difficult.
  • During the 30-day investigation held by your creditors, they will remove all the negative entries from your credit reports.
  • In this way, they help to improve your credit score. But this improvement comes only for a temporary period.
  • If the negative entries are proven accurate in investigations, then there may be a chance to come to the entries back on your credit reports,


It has been concluded that the credit repair process also does not guarantee improvements in the credit reports. Some factors, like late payments, make the chance of return back of negative entries on your credit reports.