Christmas Light Bulbs Guide

There is a dizzying array of Christmas bulbs available for today’s decorator. What you wear and where is totally up to your taste, but to help you make up your mind we’ve put together some of the options you might want to think about.
Most of the bulbs described below are available as incandescent or LED. Incandescent bulbs are much cheaper and while they have drawbacks (heat, brittleness, burns), they are also a better option for outdoor applications as they are more waterproof. LED lights burn cooler, last much longer, and use much less electricity, making them a better choice for lights that you plan to reuse frequently. C Bulbs: These are traditional oval-shaped Christmas lights (the “C” stands for candle, as it resembles a candle flame). C7 and C9 are the most common sizes, although you can also find C6 or smaller bulbs from specialist vendors on the Web or elsewhere.
Mini Lights – Compact incandescent lights are popular for decorating trees because they produce less heat than full-size “C” bulbs. You may also find the smaller size more attractive.
Globe and Icicle best led strip christmas lights Lights: Icicle lights have long, narrow bulbs, while globe lights are spherical. Globe lights provide softer, warmer lighting than smaller bulbs, and they also shed more light due to their larger shape. Icicle lights are popular for outdoors and look especially good hung along the edges of the ceiling.
Shaped Lights: Now you can get Christmas bulbs in almost any shape you want, from snowmen and Santa Claus to beer cans and sports team logos. Shaped lights can be a way to break up the monotony of a long string of identical bulbs and add a bit of your personality to your lighting display.
Bubble Lights – These incandescent bulbs have a small glass tube of colored liquid that projects from the top. Once the lights are turned on, the liquid heats up and produces bubbles that go up the tube.